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Summana Rizwan


Pakistan School Muscat




I realize the importance of a quality education and highly productive individuals who are the backbone of developed countries; my perception regarding this matter is in connection with the concept of time which requires a deeper understanding and profound acumen to shine on the horizon of science and technology in this age of globalization. Considering the modern notion of time and complex realities of age of globalization it requires a high level desirability that the pupils of modern age must be brought up with improvising ideas and vast imagination to cope with the emerging challenges which are complex in nature and hard to implement in practical life, but a timely direction and comprehensive approach devised in handling day to day affairs especially pertaining to students’ overall life is a grave matter to concentrate, and I am determined to achieve it. My whole being is  embarked  on developing a culture of education which once established  henceforth would be giving a light of knowledge and understanding to all upcoming generations, and  they will also have  an experience of    self-recognition which is  a must for elementary, higher and  advanced levels of learning. We are the protectors of our cultural traits, Islamic and modern education, true humane values and the grooming of the children. The sense of being the guardian of all these standards can be developed on a large scale provided we involve our body and soul in this generous cause of imparting education in its letter and spirit.

The philosophy of education is vague without the notion of UNITY, FAITH AND DISCIPLINE which ought to be reflected in every inch of the learning , and we know that an amalgamation of learning and discipline strengthens the intellectual efforts and make the process  lively. Though the challenges are hard yet persistent and directional efforts can cause the survival possible.

Childhood is the right age if we aim at the pupils’ glorious future. We can instil all the fundamentals of education at this stage of life and can witness successive achievements in the years to come. Though the task is difficult yet not impossible as the nations go higher and higher once they have  showed  extraordinary forbearance while  sustaining the circumstantial burden which keeps on increasing to check their temperament and steadfastness. Once we are able to bear up the pressure and address the emerging challenges, at that time when they crop up, then we can change the course of action and get the desired results which is the ultimate end of all educational inputs. I firmly believe that all the fundamentals involved in the process of learning must be supported by a vast vision; cultural values; Islamic principles; systematic approach and scientific methodology.

It’s a  matter of immense pleasure that PSM meets the international standards and is acclaimed as one of the best schools in Muscat - Sultanate of Oman. The children are the backbone of any society and they  play a  vital  role in the formation of a developed and strengthened nation. We always endeavor  to ensure the  necessary attention to be  given to this delicate matter, both at home and at the school. The children should realize the contribution their parents and teachers are making towards their education so as to enable them to perform well in any discipline of life and for all upcoming years.

The program of academics and co-curricular activities are designed reference to their basic requirements with the firm belief that it is incumbent on   strong to help the weak and of the rich to help the poor. The contribution of sports and games to physical strength and     extra-curricular activities to mental growth has always been deemed as a key factor to character development.  Besides the physical aspects of sports and games, the real emphasis should be on a team work which indicates the value of co-operation, fair play and sportsman ship. The collective responsibility is to develop the children as future leader, honorable, confident and self-respecting, courageous those who would uphold human values.

May Almighty Allah shower His blessings over children for a better, brighter and prosperous tomorrow and may PSM grow from strength to strength. A’ameen.


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