Ambassador Message



Mr. Ali Javed

Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.




The prime aim of an ideal educational institution should be developing the child student into a well-informed, confident, sensitive and useful citizen. Education is all about developing potential and transforming a little bud to a full blossom. Pakistan School Muscat, which started functioning in 1975 with only six students, has taken long and impressive strides since then. Today the school has about 1400 students on its rolls, O & A level classes, well equipped science and computer laboratories, impressive buildings, playgrounds and a spacious auditorium. All these endowments have made PSM an ideal community school, with international flavour. PSM has also shown consistently good results in recent years.


The new Board of Governors, composed of eminent Pakistanis, has inculcated transparency and merit into school system. The dedication of faculty in providing quality education is admirable. A number of former PSM students who have done well in life, are a testimony to the hard work of their teachers.

However, in this age of increasing competition and fast developments, we cannot be complacent. We must continue to strive for higher standards, congenial academic atmosphere and produce better results in order to win the confidence of increasingly demanding parents.


I would urge the management and teachers to rededicate themselves towards acquiring new skills and imparting best possible education to the students. The teachers should act as role models for promotion of discipline, hard work, honesty and patriotism among students. No effort should be spared to provide the students with all opportunities to learn and develop in an open, interactive and friendly environment. The Embassy of Pakistan attaches great importance to Pakistan School Muscat and will continue to do so.


I wish the school all success in the years to come.


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