Cambridge Syllabus according to the mentioned exam series for all IGCSE and GCE & A level classes are available. Click the below link and download.



S1 Syllabus for Annual Examination 2018 


Cambridge International IGCSE Classes     ( S1 and S2 ) 



IGCSE Syllabus ( Cambridge International Exam Series 2017 - 19 ) complete


IGCSE Syllabus ( Cambridge International Exam Series 2017 - 19  ) complete


Scheme of Work IGCSE Class 2017-19





IGCSE Resources and Scheme of Work from Cambridge



Booklist for IGCSE (CIE) Exam 2016-18        






1 Cambridge ICT   Chapters Source Files  download download
2 Cambridge Practical Check List  ICT  Past Papers S1 download
3 IGCSE ICT Book (ISBN 9780340983829)   download


CIE IGCSE Past Papers:    


ICT 0417        





Syllabus Planning  For IGCSE and A Level Classes


1 IGCSE First Year      S1 download
2 IGCSE First Year      S2 download
3 International A Level   AS download
4 International A Level   A2 download



Edexcel  IAL and GCE  A Level Classes   ( AS and A2 )    



IAL , GCE Book List for AS Class 



IAL Resources and Book Lists for all Subjects





ICT Book CD and Source Files & Resources